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Have you ever read the disclaimers in the websites you visit? Probably you do, if you are reading this one now! Goodness, they are all so technical... no liability for this, no liability for that, etc. Well, no surprise, we have a disclaimer too. So, before you get the exciting stuff in legal talk, let us say that we are truly happy to bring you what we hope is one of the best adoption sites on the internet. However, adoptions are serious actions and you cannot rely simply upon a website, even if it is one of the best ones. You need a quality attorney and/or agency, as personally selected by you, representing your interests alone. We must make clear to all users that we, in providing you information (free information at that, may we remind you), are not liable to you regarding your personal adoption experience or use of our website. By using this site, you agree to our non-liability to you for any damages you suffer resulting from your use of the site. Okay, that being said in “regular person” talk, here is the real McCoy in full legal talk...

All individuals, organizations or other entities (hereinafter refered to as “users”) who use the Adoption101.com website (aka “The Internet Adoption School”), hereinafter referred to as Adoption101.com, or its services or any affiliate entities, agree to this disclaimer and statement of non-liability. Use of the term “Adoption101.com” refers to the website, its owners and affiliates, all employees and officers. Adoption101.com’s goal is to provide adoption information and offer adoption-related products available for purchase (networking labels, etc.). Adoption101.com may provide legal, medical, emotional and legislative information in its articles or related offerings. However, Adoption101.com is not providing any professional service to users. It is furthermore not providing legal advice, medical advice, counseling advice or legislative advice. Laws and other areas of important information can change quickly, or be interpreted differently by different people. Adoption101.com is not liable to you regarding your interpretation or use of any information provided herein.

Adoption101.com is not an adoption agency or attorney. Adoption101.com does not place children for adoption. All users planning to take part in an adoption are recommended to hire an experienced adoption attorney to assist them in all stages of their adoption. Adoption101.com provides links and referrals to other sites. However, Adoption101.com has no responsibility or liability to users regarding those sites. Adoption101.com will not and/or can not continuously check out other sites to verify their accurate information or proper status. Reference to “selected” adoption agencies or attorneys, or other adoption-related professionals, is not a recommendation or endorsement of their services. It is up to each user to personally verify the skill and ethics of their selected adoption agency, attorney or other professional (for example, using community resources such as the Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, State Bar Association, local bar association, adoption organizations, etc.). Agencies and attorneys listed on Adoption101.com may pay a small fee to have their information and/or link listed to go toward the site's costs.

Although Adoption101.com’s policy is to only allow state licensed adoption agencies, and attorneys who are members of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys to be listed on this site, Adoption101.com does not guarantee every listed person or organization is qualified to meet the user’s needs, or offer any endorsement of their services. It is possible an adoption agency, attorney or other entity may have held appropriate status when initially listed, then later lose that status, or Adoption101.com could err in initially allowing them to be listed as we were mislead by the entity that they held that status. Adoption101.com, or through its links, may provide information about specific adoptive parents waiting to adopt. Adoption101.com does not represent if they are qualified, or not qualified, to adopt. Each birth parent or other person seeking adoptive parents needs to verify for themselves each family they are considering is appropriate as adoptive parents, and are planning to complete their adoption in a properly legal manner. Users should use a licensed agency and/or attorney before proceeding into adoption planning.

Due to computer or human error, there may be innacuracies in some of the information provided by Adoption101.com. Adoption101.com assumes no liability for any damages resulting from use of the site, and users (e.g. you) agree to said lack of liability. In summary, Adoption101.com is happy to provide you with the information it believes shall be helpful to users in planning an adoption, or an adoption-related activity, but only on the express condition that Adoption101.com is free from any and all liability in so doing. In consideration for your waiver of our liability, the site is provided free for you. Users not content with this limitation should not use the site. Adoption101.com, however, is not acting as an agency or attorney, nor agrees to liability to any user for their use of, or reliance upon the site, or information/links/professionals. All users agree to Adoption101.com’s lack of liability for any damages, and acknowledge the possibility of error resulting in incorrect information, inappropriate links or references, etc.

This agreement is severable, meaning is one portion is deemed unenforceable, the remainer stays in effect. If any damages are ever sought against Adoption101.com, including its employees, and Adoption101.com's statement of its non-liability is challenged or defeated, any dispute shall be determined by binding arbitration in Riverside, California, with each party paying their own legal costs, and all costs related to the action, regardless of who is the winning and losing party. Questions, comments or desired contact may be made by email to help@adoption101.com or by mail to Adoption101.com, 9921 Carmel Mountain Road #335, San Diego, CA 92129.

Good luck in your adoption. We hope we are one of many steps along the way to your success. Remember, reading adoption books (those we listed and others) is a vital step in a happy and safe adoption.

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