October 21, 2013 @ 5:41 PM


By Adoption101.com staff.


Today, the Reuters News Service published a detailed 5 part story regarding adoption, touching upon independent, agency and international adoption. It focuses on grey market adoption and those who seek to place and obtain children as if a Craigslist commodity. Most frightening is how these stories are real and not a media exaggeration. Adoptive parents planning both domestic and international adoption, via independent or agency adoption, are often solicited via an online media source, offering to place an existing child, or child soon to be born, for adoption and “avoid the laws.” It may be someone seeking an unjust financial gain, or someone who wants to no longer parent a difficult child and not deal with Social Services.


Some adoptive parents are wrongly temped to pursue such an adoption, often with the thought that after obtaining the child they will retain an attorney or adoption agency and “straighten out the situation.” By then, however, they may find themselves having already violated the law, put a child and themselves at legal risk, and not have a chance to ever make the adoption “right.” Below is a link to review the entire 5 part article.