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Selecting an adoption attorney or agency to assist in adopting a child, or placing your child for adoption, is one of the most important steps in your adoption. Specific advice on selecting an adoption agency or attorney is provided in our articles dedicated expressly to that subject.

We accept to paid endorsement of adoption attorneys or agencies but can direct you to respected organizations which list adoption attorneys. The American Academy of Adoption Attorneys (AAAA) is a national fraternity of over 300 adoption attorneys and can be found listed state-by-state at their website. To be a member of AAAA, an attorney must have completed at least 50 adoptions and meet other requirements to be admitted. There are also attorneys in some states who have formed similar organizations, limited to adoption attorneys meeting specific requirements. In California there is the Academy of California Adoption Lawyers, which requires members to have completed at least 200 adoptions as a minimum requirement. In Georgia there is the Georgia Academy of Adoption Lawyers, with a minimum requirement of 25 completed adoptions.

To find licensed adoption agencies in your state, the federal government has a very helpful site, the Child Welfare Information Gateway. There is a state-by-state listing of both private and licensed adoption agencies.